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Hungarians are enjoying life again thanks to the country’s high vaccination rate, Katalin Novák, the minister for family affairs, said in an interview to US broadcaster The Answer.

Hungary’s health-care system never collapsed during the pandemic, and “we nor are recovering slowly from an economic point of view as well,” she said in the English-language interview to the Pro America Report programme.

“We are regaining the workplaces and our employment rate is now as high as it used to be before” the pandemic, Novák said.

Concerning family policies, she said Hungary’s government wanted to “enable young people to have as many children as they want to have at the moment when they want to have these children”.

Asked about abortion, she said it was “natural” for the government to “protect life”.

“We are protecting the real freedom of choice, because you can choose to get married or not to get married, you can choose to have children or not to have children, you can choose to have a large family or not to have a family at all,” she said.

“So I think the real choice is to be able to really consider these options and say that ‘I want to be a full time mom’ or ‘I want to be a full-time employed person and I don’t want to have any children’.

On the topic of immigration, she said there was a “national consensus” on opposition to mass immigration and the need to protect the country’s borders.

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Source: MTI

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