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Budapest, September 9 (MTI) – The human resources minister has passed a final decision to move three departments of Budapest’s Corvinus University to Szent Istvan University in Godollo, a town near Budapest.

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Deans of the departments of food science, horticultural science and landscape architecture said after talks with Zoltan Balog, the minister, that they had had no opportunity to negotiate. Integrating the three departments with Godollo university is a fait accomplis, Kinga Szilagyi Mezos, one of the deans, quoted Balog as opening the talks.

Though the deans contested the decision, “no satisfactory reason” was given as to why integration would result in better operations than cooperating in a network, as suggested by Corvinus, Szilagyi Mezos insisted.

During the press conference, students held up signs to protest against the transfer of their departments.

On Monday and Tuesday similar protests were held in Budapest, attended by hundreds of students of the three departments.

The relocation is set to take place on Jan. 1 next year.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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