Budapest, Hungary. Photo: MTI

The traditional Slovenia Tourism Promotion Event organised by the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) is taking place today in Budapest. Representatives of the Slovenian and Hungarian tourism industry and numerous Hungarian media representatives were addressed by Marjan Šarec, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, who highlighted the fact that 24% more Hungarian tourists visited Slovenia in 2018 than in the previous year.

Prime Minister Šarec attended the Slovenian business and tourist event as part of his first official meeting with the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, with whom he will also be discussing tourism, in which exceptionally positive cooperation trends have been noted.

In his speech, Prime Minister Šarec emphasised that tourism equals people, hospitality, a friendly smile and a warm handshake,

“Slovenia is a green country with a wealth of natural resources that places it at the forefront of European countries. I am pleased that our neighbours recognise Slovenia as a green destination providing peace, relaxation and an alternative to mass tourism. I am certain that by discovering natural sites, cultural particularities and national features, we enhance cooperation between countries in other fields as well.”

Prime Minister Šarec
Budapest, Hungary. Photo: MTI

Zdravko Počivalšek, the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, who was also in the delegation addressed the attendees and highlighted that “Slovenia wishes to be recognised globally as a high-quality tourist destination. The promotion of Slovenia’s tourism in foreign markets is thus extremely significant, particularly in the nearby countries.

The number of visits by Hungarian guests to Slovenia has been constantly growing in recent years.

A great role is undoubtedly played in this growth by business and tourism events during which our tourism industry can be showcased. Slovenia has many natural and cultural attractions which we can proudly present to the world and which are of tremendous appeal to foreign visitors. I am pleased that today’s presentation focused on the comprehensive tourism sector dominated by high-quality services and pristine nature. These are the distinct advantages that make Slovenia one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Europe.”

Maja Pak, Managing Director of the STB, presented Slovenia as a country of unique five-star experiences to representatives of Hungarian tourism companies and the media, stating: “The intensive promotional activities of the Slovenian Tourist Board and the tourism industry in recent years are reflected in the high growth rates in the Hungarian market.

Slovenian tourism recorded a 150% increase in arrivals and more than 150% growth in overnight stays by Hungarian tourists compared to 2013. In 2018 we recorded a high number of arrivals – 180,000, in fact – and more than 484,000 overnight stays of Hungarian guests; this trend has continued this year.

Last year, Hungary ranked sixth in terms of the number of overnight stays of foreign tourists visiting Slovenia, with an average length of stay of 2.7 days. During their vacation, Hungarian tourists express interest in culture, cities and cuisine, which, in light of Slovenia as the holder of the European Region of Gastronomy 2021 title, represents further potential for increasing Slovenia’s visibility as a destination for excellent culinary experiences.” Ms Pak also spoke about the profile of Hungarian tourists, who are very important to Slovenia because of their proximity: “Over 10 million Hungarians travel annually, spending more than €2.1 million. They travel four times a year, making one long and three short trips abroad.” At the end, she thanked all participating representatives of Slovenian and Hungarian tourism companies and commended the strengthening of existing business ties.

Slovenia also participates in multilateral initiatives in tourism, part of which are various study trips and seminars carried out within working groups; furthermore, joint promotion and cooperation agreements are underway to develop joint tourism products.

The event was also attended by the Hungarian Minister for Innovation and Technology, Dr László Palkovics, who welcomed the Slovenian delegation to Budapest on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Hungary, and stressed that the Hungarian Government is highly appreciative of the Slovenian Government and Slovenian companies due to the excellent political, economic and cultural relations between the countries. He also described the shared geopolitical situation of Slovenia and Hungary, and highlighted the vital integrating role of both countries.

Today’s event and business meetings are being attended by approximately 70 representatives of Hungarian tour operators and tourist agencies and some 20 representatives of Slovenian tourism businesses.

Slovenia also cooperates with Hungary in the field of tourism via multilateral initiatives during which various study trips and seminars take place within the framework of working groups and discussions are launched concerning promotion and cooperation in the development of joint tourist products.

Slovenia has traditionally been an attractive destination for Hungarian visitors.

Due to its proximity, it is suitable for short breaks and long holidays in all seasons of the year. The Hungarian visitors coming to Slovenia most frequently visit mountains (42%), the coast (26%) and health resorts (9%), but they also visit towns, particularly Ljubljana. In 2018, 24% more Hungarian tourists were recorded, generating 30% more overnight stays. On average, they stayed in Slovenia for 2 to 3 days. According to the number of overnight stays and arrivals, Hungary was placed sixth among all countries whose citizens came to Slovenia in 2018.

Over 150,000 Hungarian visitors were recorded in Slovenian tourist accommodation facilities in the first eight months of 2019, which is 8.4% more than in the same period in 2018. They accounted for more than 405,000 overnight stays, which is 7.2% more than in the same period in 2018 and represents a 4.7% share of all overnight stays.

As we wrote before, Hungary and Slovenia have submitted a joint bid for European Union funding for linking their gas networks, which would allow Hungary to import liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Italy, details HERE.

Source: mti

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