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Budapest (MTI) – Five-party consultations with parliamentary group leaders on current legislative work in the ministry of justice have been successful, minister Laszlo Trocsanyi said on Thursday.

He said representatives of the ruling Fidesz and Christian Democrats, and the opposition Socialists, Jobbik and LMP had been briefed about the main areas of work affecting the codes of civil, penal and public administration procedures. The government has already approved the regulative principles for the code of civil procedures and has authorised the ministry to submit the concept on the code of public administration procedures, he added.

These important pieces of legislation will determine for decades the work of lawyers, prosecutors and judges so their principles should be in any case presented to the parties, Trocsanyi said.

Despite some differences, views seemed to be converging at the meeting, he said.

Green opposition LMP co-leader Andras Schiffer told the press that he welcomed efforts to increase the transparency of court decisions to members of the public. At the same time, he criticised judges for “locking up everyone in preliminary detention without due consideration”.

He called for more efficient ways to give legal remedy to whistleblowers in corruption cases and for making documents public in these cases.

Radical nationalist Jobbik lawmaker Gabor Staudt said the accountability of enforcement officials was important and called for making debt collection a state task to be performed on a not-for-profit basis. He also called for an increased independence of prosecutors.

The Socialist Party will not support any amendment curbing people’s procedural rights, lawmaker Gergely Barandy, member of the legislative committee, said.

In a statement, Barandy welcomed that the government started consultations with the opposition over the lawmaking process “for the first time in five years” but added that those talks will not be successful unless the government “drops its policy of total rejection and integrates opposition proposals in new legislation”.

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