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Tiszaújváros, 2018. március 19. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök, Szató Kuni, Japán új budapesti nagykövete, Kavaszaki Koicsi, a japán JSR Corporation ügyvezetõ igazgatója, Hernádi Zsolt, a Mol-csoport elnök-vezérigazgatója és Koncz Ferenc, Szerencs polgármestere (j-b) a Mol Nyrt. tiszaújvárosi szintetikusgumi-gyárának avatásán 2018. március 19-én. MTI Fotó: Czeglédi Zsolt

Hungary is “on the path of development because it is a safe country”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Monday at the opening of a synthetic rubber plant by Hungary’s oil and gas company MOL and Japan Synthetic Rubber Corporation (JSR) in Tiszaújváros (E Hungary).

Referring to the upcoming parliamentary election, Orbán said

Hungary is facing an important decision because “investments and developments are made in safe countries only, which have secure legal systems and a predictable political situation, where the helm of the government is not jostled back and forth between left and right.”

Orbán said investments are made in countries where “security is provided in physical terms”, where there is no threat of terror and public security is not facing serious challenges.

“Hungary will not become an immigrant country, there will be no terrorist acts, large investors can keep on arriving from abroad and Hungarian large investors are encouraged to continue with developments,” Orbán said.

Japan Synthetic Rubber Corporation jsr mol hungary
Photo: MOL

He added that a 4 percent annual economic growth will be maintained if his Fidesz party wins the upcoming election.

Orbán said the new plant will bring Tiszaujvaros closer to becoming a chemicals industry hub for Central Europe.

The plant will turn out 60,000 tonnes of synthetic rubber a year, enough to make 50 million tyres.

MOL plans to invest 4.5 billion dollars in its chemicals business by 2030, raising petrochemical raw material use to 3 million tonnes a year already in the mid-term, said chairman-CEO Zsolt Hernádi.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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