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MP János Bencsik on Wednesday said he had quit the conservative Jobbik party and its parliamentary group, citing a “political revenge campaign” by the party’s new leadership against “those who hadn’t backed their team”.

In a video message posted on Facebook,

Jakab said he considered the policies pursued by party leader Péter Jakab “morally unacceptable and fatal when it comes to Jobbik’s future”.

Bencsik said another reason for his departure was Jakab’s alleged insistence that Jobbik no longer had a use for “divisive” topics covering policies for Hungarians beyond the borders or remembrance policy “that hinder the appeasement of left-wing voters”.

He said he considered it “unacceptable” that Jobbik had become “a party without a face of its own that is ashamed of its right-wing positions”.

Bencsik vowed to be one of the most active independent MPs and represent 21st century right-wing policies that envisage Hungary’s future as part of Europe.

Bencsik won his parliamentary seat from Jobbik’s national party list.

The Jobbik presidency noted János Bencsik’s decision.

As we wrote a few days ago, Gergely Kálló, the joint candidate of the opposition Jobbik, Democratic Coalition, LMP, Socialist, Momentum and Párbeszéd parties, won a by-election in Dunaújváros, in central Hungary, on Sunday. Details HERE.

Peter Jakab elected Jobbik leader
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Source: MTI

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