várpalota murder investigation
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Shocking details came to light about the double murder in Várpalota, Hungary. The mother and her son had to die because Zsolt B. could not handle how much they loved each other.
The prosecution has proposed a life sentence in Zsolt B.’s case, who committed double murder in Várpalota, reports Bors. The indictment has revealed details that were unknown until now about the atrocity that caused public outrage. Zsolt B. met Enikő, who is 18 years his junior, in the spring of 2018, and they moved in together in July. They lived in Enikő’s home, along with her son, Gergő. Zsolt B. was jealous of the child, so, in the middle of September, Enikő let him know that she wanted to break up, and two days later she and her son moved in with her ex-partner, who is Gergő’s father.
Zsolt B. could not accept this, but the woman rejected his advances. Enikő eventually agreed that when they went to pick up the rest of their things from their old home, the man could say goodbye. Zsolt B. arrived at the house in the late afternoon of September 27th. Enikő complained about having a headache,
the man took a seat next to her on the couch and started massaging her temples when suddenly he grabbed her neck with both hands and suffocated her.
Gergő entered the room at this point, started talking to his mother as he cried, and climbed onto the couch next to her. The man then grabbed him, took him to his old room and killed him with a kitchen knife.
“Although Enikő was young, she was a very good mother, and she adored her son. This was the strongest and most important relationship of her life; she would have never stayed with a man who did not accept her son,”
said a friend of hers. “We heard that they had found Gergő with the knife still in his chest. What kind of sick mind is capable of this? We hope he never gets out of prison. But if he does, we will wait for him,” she added ominously.
The partner of Enikő, the father of the little boy, wants to attend the trials. The man in mourning said:

”We will be at every trial. Our family wants to look him in the eye, and we will be there if they let him out eventually. Even if there is no formidable punishment for his crime, because nothing will bring Enikő and my son back.”

Source: www.borsonline.hu

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