Budapest (MTI) – The MVM Group works according to international standards and ensures the safe operation of Hungary’s Paks nuclear power plant, the group said in a statement citing an evaluation by the the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO).

After completing a probe which targeted the relationship between Hungary’s single nuclear plant and its parent last November, WANO’s report found everything in order in terms of safe operations, MVM said on Friday.

The report said the MVM Group had secured the necessary investments to enforce measures increasing safety at the plant. It also provided the conditions to operate the nuclear plant safely and predictably. The group had carried out a comprehensive safety development programme as well as a lifespan-extension programme, the statement said.

The report also noted a mentor programme at Paks which enables young professionals to be trained for continued safe operations at the nuclear plant, it added.

MVM said WANO had also noted its exceptional communications plan which helped keep acceptance of nuclear power high in Hungary, MVM said.



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