Budapest, February 26 (MTI) – Hungary is launching a 12 billion forint (EUR 39m) national brain research programme to promote research, prevention, innovation, health-care and drug development.

The related agreement was signed today by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Academy of Sciences (MTA) President Jozsef Palinkas and the project’s director, Tamas Freund, head of MTA’s Institute of Experimental Medicine.

Orban pledged to make brain research a “flagship” area of research as part of a plan to turn Hungary into a European centre of research and innovation, as well as a centre of production.

Brain research offers Hungarians a chance to demonstrate their talent and socially useful achievements, he said.

“Europe is most probably looking forward to a decade of brain research, and Hungary has every reason to play a key role,” Orban said.

Palinkas said Hungary’s national brain research programme promised unique results based on the achievements of domestic research.

Freund said that brain diseases impose a huge social and economic burden on civilization. The agreement is expected to pave the way for breakthroughs in several areas of brain research, he added.

Photo: MTI


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