FleetYou kills two birds with one stone: it prevents food ordering customers from receiving a cold meal and solves the lack of food delivery men, according to Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu.

Everyone who has already ordered food online or by phone might have experienced that, despite being promised a food delivery in 40-50 minutes, they had to wait one and a half hours. We tend to take our anger out on poor delivery men even though they often have nothing to do with the delay. It is a common problem among restaurants that they are overloaded in rush hours while their delivery men are idle outside those periods.

A new Hungarian startup named FleetYou tries to solve this problem. It is a kind of a public food delivery.

Their solution offers customers hot meals, delivered in time, and some extra income for occasional food delivery men.

A similar initiation was launched in the USA last spring and in Austria in December 2016. In Hungary, three companies started this service in the autumn of 2017.

Besides RidRoll and Sendee, FleetYou was also launched by two guys from Pécs, Tamás Rátkai and Dávid Balog-Farkas.

This service is like Uber with pizzas.

It has the advantage of flexible schedule: all food delivery men can choose their working hours. This also helps adjusting offer to demand: more people are in service in the rush hours and less in the idle time.

Anyone with a vehicle — whether it is a car, a motorcycle or a bike — who can give a bill can deliver food in Budapest for some extra money. It is up to them when and how much they work.

They only need to register at FleetYou and set themselves ‘active’ whenever they want to deliver. Then they see the offers of the restaurant and the destinations on a map. They just pick an assignment and go for the food.

Their basic fee is 65 euro cents plus 48 per kilometer.

So an average 4-kilometer run might produce about two and a half euros plus tip.

FleetYou also contains an application which shows the current situation of the delivery man and the expected delivery time. Every delivery man belongs to a company, and they can be checked.

Only thoroughly examined delivery men receive permission from FleetYou. This might solve the lack of employees in some significant periods.

The two founders are online marketing experts. They have founded the company in June 2016. They surveyed the market to develop their system.  They were helped financially by Péter Turcsi, who invested over 30,000 euros into the project.

About 200 delivery men offered their services before FleetYou launched.

The founders have been negotiating with restaurants for months — 32 of which joined before the start — then the registration began on 18 September. It is in progress only in Budapest so far, but they are planning to expand to other cities in Hungary.

They are waiting for their delivery men to receive all the permissions. Hopefully, FleetYou will be able to launch at the beginning of October.

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Source: Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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