photo: [ Sandor Csudai ] .

After the previously announced two headliners: Iron Maiden and Wiz Khalifa, four new stars are coming to Sopron to give their best performance to the lovely audience!

Probably the most famous metal band in the world: Slayer. Thirty-four years into its career, it remains the preeminent punk-thrash band that helped establish the genre and that up-and-coming metal heads continue to revere and emulate.

The world famous Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice,an amazing musician and record producer who plays piano, guitar, percussion and clarinet.
Sigma the fantastic drum and bass duo coming from the UK will have their first live show and the Icelandic GusGus is also returning to Telekom VOLT Festival.

We are incredibly excited to welcome them at our amazing festival! Hope to meet you all there!

Photo: Sándor Csudai


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