According to “Modern Art For YOU” blog, a memorial plaque to the New School of Paris painter of Hungarian origin, Francois Fiedler will be solemnly unveiled on 4th of July, 2016 in Little Vatican, Palace District, Krúdy street 2.

Francois Fiedler was born in 1921, Kosice and died in 2001, Paris.

The Modern Art for You blog said, Fiedler was discovered by Miró in 1950. They soon become friends, Miró called him “the painter of light”. In 1951, the most progressive gallery of the time, the Gallery Maeght, introduced the new artist generation – including the young Fiedler – at the “Kandinsky and Giacometti” collective exhibition. Ever since then he had been exhibiting till today with great masters of the 20th century such as Braque, Chagall, Calder, Giacometti, Kandinsky, Léger, Miró, Picasso and Riopelle.


Fiedler works can be found in the biggest and most important public collections. (Guggenheim Museum, Pompidou Center, etc.)



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