Matteo Salvini, the leader of Italy’s opposition Northern League, speaking to MTI during a street demonstration in central Rome on Tuesday, called Hungary “a role model”.

“Respect to the Hungarian people and government,” Salvini told MTI’s correspondent. “You are a role model. Thank you for standing by us.”

Leader of the Brothers of Italy party, Georgia Meloni, said, “If anything changes in Europe, it will be thanks to the forces we represent and we are allied with.”

Demonstrations were held in more than seventy cities around Italy, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte in connection with Italy’s handling of the novel coronavirus epidemic.

Orbán congratulates Salvini on vote against lifting his parlt immunity

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on May 26 posted a message to congratulate Matteo Salvini after a parliamentary panel voted against lifting the Italian opposition League party leader’s immunity.

“Your fight is a good fight. We are with you, Matteo!”, Orbán said in a message on his Facebook page.

The post shows a photo of a mobile phone with the message in Italian “Hungary is with you Matteo!”.

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