The 11th Night of Museums will be held in several cities and Budapest as well at Midsummer night (21st June). This is one of the biggest cultural events of Hungary organized by the Ministry of Human Resources. More than 300 institutions wait visitors with several thousand programs, special guided tours, lectures and concerts from early afternoon of 21st June until dawn. – reported.

At Midsummer Night thousands of programs will be held in hundreds of venues nationwide as part of the Night of Museums. Another unique feature of the event is that all participating locations and museums can be visited in Budapest by purchasing one armband ticket. During the event the participating museums and cultural venues await visitors with special opening hours. However, the opening time may change depending on each location. It is a special occasion when people can go and visit all those buildings and institutions that recognize the atmosphere of the history and people let themselves be enhanced by the beauty of art during the night. Not only do the museums take part in the event – which is always held at Midsummer Night – but zoos, thermal baths as well as botanical gardens and wildlife parks. Thus anyone could choose those venues and programs which suits their interests the best.

The Night of Museums has proved to be a great success from year to year because there’s nothing more pleasant than watching and enjoying the historical and artistic attractions during a hot summer night. Anyone could explore those artworks near his/her hometown which have been hidden and unknown so far. Since concerts and outdoor programs are included in the program series, anybody can find an interesting and enjoyable activity or program venue.

Naturally, particular and special outdoor programs are also included in the Night of Museums as of last years. The main venue is Budapest but lots of other cities and local museums participate in the event.

Tickets could be purchased online or in each museum. Last years’ prices were between HUF 600 and 1500.

According to, here is the list of the Hungarian cities where you can go and be part of this unique cultural event:

Baja, Balassagyarmat, Balatonszárszó, Báta, Békéscsaba, Budakeszi, Budapest, Cegléd, Debrecen, Dég, Dunaújváros, Ebes, Eger, Érd, Esztergom, Fertőd, Fonyód, Gödöllő, Gyöngyös, Győr, Hajdúsámson, Hajdúszoboszló, Hajós, Herend, Hódmezővásárhely, Kaposvár, Kecskemét, Kehidakustány, Keszthely, Kiskunfélegyháza, Kislőd, Kisvárda, Körmend, Kunszentmárton, Mezőkövesd, Miskolc Monor Mór Nádasladány Nagycenk Nagykanizsa Ozora Pákozd Pannonhalma, Párkány, Pásztó, Pécel, Pécs, Poroszló, Püspökladány, Putnok, Rudabánya, Salgótarján, Simontornya, Sopron, Százhalombatta, Szécsény, Szeged, Székesfehérvár, Szekszárd, Szenna, Szentendre, Szolnok, Szombathely, Tápiószele, Tata, Tatabánya, Tiszavasvári, Túrkeve, Vác, Vásárosnamény, Veszprém, Zalaegerszeg, Zirc and Zsámbék

For more information in Hungarian and exact venues check this site from the beginning of June

by Valentina Leanyfalvi



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