Budapest, August 20 (MTI) – The earlier policies of the radical nationalist Jobbik party are acceptable both morally and professionally but it is important to present them to society in an appropriate and comprehendible form, János Volner, Jobbik’s deputy leader, said at a party event marking Hungary’s August 20 national holiday.

Speaking about Jobbik’s prospects of gaining power at the next general election in 2018, Volner said it was important for the party to strengthen by making use of hitherto “taboo” topics such as “the question of Hungarian-Gypsy coexistence”.

He cited with approval a so-called law-and-order model introduced by the mayor of Erpatak, in north-eastern Hungary, which includes strict sanctions for people on benefits who, for example, fail to ensure their child attends school. Volner said the model was a means to change bad ways and would provide a basis for Jobbik’s governing programme.

Volner singled out Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as Jobbik’s main target, saying it was important to defeat him personally because of his strong personality and huge base.

He also said Jobbik did not have a television station aligned with it because it had not accepted the approaches of any millionaires who would have asked for favours. He added that he was not referring to Lajos Simicska, a one-time ally of Orbán’s who is now his foe.


Source: MTI

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