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While the government listens to criticism, the opinion of the Hungarian people is more important than party discipline, the state of secretary for international communications told public radio on Sunday.

Commenting on criticism of the Fidesz government by the European People’s Party in connection the government’s billboard campaign, Zoltán Kovács said the government had a duty to inform the Hungarian people what was at stake in the upcoming European Parliament election.

He said it had become clear in the past weeks that the government’s billboard campaign was factual. Kovács insisted that the European Commission’s policies would make Europe into a continent of immigrants.

The information campaign will continue until March 15, he said.

Asked about Fidesz’s possible ejection from the European People’s Party, Kovács said this would be “unreasonable”. Fidesz, he added, represented common sense, in line with the opinions of the Hungarian people and more and more Europeans.

Migration endangers the very foundations of European culture, he added.

Kovács said the commission was overreaching, preparing decisions secretly and forcing member states into a corner. He cited the decision on migrant relocation quotas, rejected twice by the European Council in 2015, yet eventually “forced” through.

The EU, he said, should remain a forum of cooperation between equal member states. In cases where there is no complete agreement between them, there should be no compulsion to accept a given policy, he added.

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Source: MTI

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