The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) will initiate a package of anti-corruption laws and promote the independence of the judiciary in the event of winning the 2018 general election, DK’s deputy leader said on Monday.

László Varju told a press conference that the Fidesz government’s predecessor had enacted legislation to eliminate conflicts of interest preventing government officials, lawmakers or their relatives from bidding for EU funds.

After coming to power in 2010, Fidesz scrapped the law in order to seize EU development monies, said Varju. “It’s now hard to keep up with which relative of which Fidesz politician is in receipt of millions of forints in EU funding,” he said.

Reacting to Varju’s press conference, Fidesz said “it’s not even funny that those who robbed the country blind are the ones talking about anti-corruption measures”.

“Those at the helm of the most corrupt government of all time robbed the country of its national wealth and public funds and stole one third of the funds tied to the metro project,” Fidesz said in a statement. “Hungary will have to pay back 18 billion forints (EUR 58m) to the European Commission because of the suspected corruption cases of the Gyurcsány family,” the party added.

Source: MTI

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