Budapest, September 20 (MTI) – The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) asked the public prosecutor to initiate the suspension of Fidesz lawmaker György Simonka’s parliamentary immunity.

Parliament last week suspended the immunity of Fidesz MP Roland Mengyi, suspected of corruption involving public funds. DK’s deputy leader László Varju alleged on Tuesday that Simonka had a case to answer in connection with Mengyi.

At a press conference, Varju cited news portal as saying that the prosecution’s central investigation office had conducted a house search at Simonka’s home in Újkígyós, in south-east Hungary, and at the home of the lawmaker’s in-laws in July.

He said the search was carried out on suspicion that Simonka’s relatives had gained access to public funds in tenders managed by the company that became implicated in Mengyi’s case.

“The amount of money Fidesz lawmakers may have stolen in tender processes through the Orbán regime’s network of cronies must be investigated,” Varju said.

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Index said the prosecution’s investigation office had not denied the information concerning the house search but declined to provide further details.

Simonka in response released a statement dismissing the report concerning the house search and insisting the report was political muck-raking.


Source: MTI

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