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Oppositions call for probe into government official’s offshore dealings

Oppositions call for probe into government official’s offshore dealings

Budapest, April 27 (MTI) – The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) said on Wednesday that foreign ministry state secretary István Mikola’s alleged involvement in an offshore company based in Lichtenstein should be reported to the police.

Citing a report by news portal Index suggesting that Mikola had not included in his declaration of assets the Lichtenstein company that he is a member of, Zsolt Gréczy, DK’s party spokesman, said in a statement that he hoped that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán would file a report to the police.

Gréczy noted that Orbán recently told public Kossuth radio that he instructed the interior minister, the secret services and the minister in charge of the tax office to investigate each Hungarian offshore involvement individually. Orbán also said that he had full trust in his government members because they all regularly submitted their asset declarations. Gréczy said it is now clear that a declaration of assets guarantees nothing.

He also said it is now understandable why the ruling Fidesz lawmakers had refused to sign a statement declaring that neither they nor their spouses had connections with offshore companies.


The Socialist Party’s deputy leader, Zoltán Gőgös, also said he hoped that an investigation would take place into the matter.

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