Budapest, August 30 (MTI) – Calling the European Union’s policy of sanctions against Russia successful is “self-deception”, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said before an extraordinary summit in Brussels on Saturday.

Orban said the conflict could be solved with negotiations. The summit will be dealing with reviewing and correcting current policy, he said arriving at the summit.

Orban said there was some debate over whether the sanctions had produced the hoped for results, stressing that “we should know what exactly those hoped for results were”.

“It is my position that the policy of sanctions has so far not been successful, and it is self-deception to contend that they had been and that it is enough to continue [the sanctions] and that will solve the crisis,” Orban said.

He said that military conflict could not be resolved with sanctions, but only with military force or negotiations. As everybody has appropriately ruled out the use of military force, only the use of negotiations can lead to resolution, he added.

Orban said peace and tranquility were the most important things for Hungary, and that there should be peace and predictability in Ukraine, too, instead of growing danger and threats.

Photo: MTI/Prime Minister’s Office


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