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Brüsszel, 2018. december 13. A Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda által közreadott képen Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök (k) az Európai Néppárt (EPP) csúcstalálkozójára érkezik Brüsszelben 2018. december 13-án. A kormányfõ mellett Várhelyi Olivér nagykövet, a brüsszeli Állandó Képviselet vezetõje (b) és Havasi Bertalan, a Miniszterelnöki Sajtóirodát vezetõ helyettes államtitkár. Mögöttük Rahói Zsuzsanna miniszterelnöki fõtanácsadó. MTI/Miniszterelnöki Sajtóiroda/Szecsõdi Balázs

A letter written by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to supporters of the ruling Fidesz party, noting the importance of the May European parliamentary elections, has been posted.

By mid-January, all Fidesz supporters will have received the letter, according to the Friday issue of Magyar Idők.

Orbán, who is Fidesz’s leader, said in the letter that the May EP election would be the most significant one so far.

“Having learned nothing after the series of terrorist attacks, Brussels wants to turn Europe into a continent of immigrants and force this on nation states. We Hungarians cannot accept this,” he said.

Orbán also insisted that the opposition represented Brussels in Hungary.

“What we really need are representatives of Hungary in Brussels,” he wrote, adding that Fidesz MEPs always uncompromisingly represented Hungarian interests in the EP.

The supporters were also asked to make a financial contribution to “ensure Fidesz’s success”.

The paper said Fidesz had long made use of micro-funding as an important gauge of its supporter base.

Source: MTI

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