The Hungarian art scene heated up with the recently presented exhibition of Leonardo da Vinci in Pécs. The greatest inventions of da Vinci in both arts and science have been objects of public fascination for centuries, reports.

It has only been four weeks since the grand opening of Leonardo exhibition, but this showcase has already attained to get over ten thousand visitors. Equally notable contributors to the phenomenal success of Leonardo exposition in the Janus Pannonius Museum are Csontváry, Vasarely, and Zsolnayexhibitions held there as a part of the permanent showings. These programs enjoyed growth of a public attention, as the result amount of visitors raised by almost 60%. The city administration has revealed that there has been a tremendous growth of foreign tourists in Pécs since the launch of Leonardo exhibition.


According to, the Janus Pannonius Museum is preparing to impress its visitors with some major surprises. With an upcoming high tourist season, organizers intend to bring more visitors, and art admirers from all across Hungary and world in general. The latest art sensation in the museum will be the public exhibit of an early work of Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar – „A gácsi Forgách-kastély”. With a ticket for combined visits every guest can enjoy the masterpieces, which changed the perception of art forever.
All people across Hungary have time until May 31st to take advantage of the incredible advertisement campaign and get seduced by the genuine beauty of the high Renaissance and uncover the secrets of da Vinci’s fertile imagination.

According to the information provided by the administration, the Janus Pannonius Museum is also available for the guided tours for elementary, junior and high school students. During the tour all the students will enjoy presentations held with the help of modern technology – multimedia tools and engineering wonders.

Leonardo exhibition in the Janus Pannonius Museum of Pécs is open to visitors everyday from 10 am till 18 pm.

For those of our readers, who plans to become a part of this amazing cultural pilgrimage please visit the official website of the exhibition for further information.

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translated by Ekaterina Egorova

Photo: MTI – Tamas Soki


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