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Daily News Hungary
Budapest (MTI) – Parliament will start its spring season with a three-day session on Monday and discuss, among others, a proposal on a new work schedule for the house.
Parliamentary speaker Laszlo Kover proposed at a house committee meeting on Thursday to develop a new work schedule. In line with this, parliament would approve its schedule two weeks in advance and lawmakers would meet on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday every second week and only on Monday on the weeks between. In line with the proposal, the new schedule would start in March.

This Monday’s session will also include a debate about reducing the excise deposit on alcoholic drinks to 20 million forints and introducing a 100 percent weekend bonus for workers in retail trading.

On Wednesday, deputies are scheduled to hold a general debate on amending the code of civil procedure in connection with the protection of rights connected to images published in the media and a proposal connected to the expansion of the Paks nuclear power station.

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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