The police suspect that the Hungarian banker made people wash the money coming from operating illegal Austrian gambling clean.

The Austrian Federal Criminal Office is investigating Michael H. and his partners, who illegally operated slot machines in Austria. They transferred the money coming in from the banned gambling to Hungarian and Slovenian companies to turn it into legal enterprises, then either invested the money or took it in cash, reports Index.

After the Austrians turned to the Hungarian police, the National Investigation Bureau ordered an investigation on suspicion of money laundering. The Bureau’s asset recovery office discovered that the Austrian criminals opened accounts in many Hungarian financial institutions with the help of 33-year-old György N.

According to data from the investigation, the man took part in concealing the origins of €582,000, all of which came from criminal activity, and he was paid for it.

The National Investigation Bureau raided multiple locations on Wednesday, confiscated evidence and assets from the criminal activities, as well as locked up a very expensive car and several bank accounts. György N., who is a well-founded suspect of money laundering, was taken into custody, and the police have initiated his arrest.

They also captured Zsolt L., under whose name several bank accounts were opened, thus contributing to the money laundering. After his questioning, the suspect was let go to defend himself freely.

Parallel to the Hungarian operation, the Austrian detectives also did a synchronised operation. They confiscated 600 slot machines and €382,000 worth of assets. The Austrian police questioned multiple people suspected of being linked to illegal gambling.


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