Almost 280 thousand people have seen Kincsem, a romantic period drama about the legendary Hungarian racehorse. The film has broken the record of the Oscar-winning Son of Saul, writes.

Over the Easter weekend, Kincsem sold more than 27 thousand tickets. It’s been a long time since a Hungarian film was so successful. The most watched film of the year used to be Fifty Shades Darker with 262 thousand tickets sold. Kincsem is currently at 278 878 tickets and counting, which makes it not only the most successful Hungarian film of the year but the most watched film of all 2017 releases as well.

More cinema-goers have seen Gábor Herendi’s film than the Oscar-winning Son of Saul, and Kincsem sold more tickets than every Hungarian film released in 2016 combined.

On the list of Hungarian films released since 1989, Kincsem is the 15th most popular.

Most Hungarians still prefer dubbed films

The story is based on true events. The period drama is a fictionalised account of the life of Ernő Blaskovich and Kincsem, a Hungarian horse that became the most successful race horse in the history of the sport. The film stars Ervin Nagy and Andrea Petrik in the main roles. (

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