(MTI) – An Hungarian operative staff was set up on Thursday under the aegis of the ministry of the interior to prepare government decisions concerning developments in Ukraine, the Interior Ministry told MTI.

“Hungary is prepared to effectively handle a wave of migration following possible unfavourable developments in Ukraine,” the statement said. The new body, created under instructions from Prime Minister Viktor Orban, is to coordinate the operations of government agencies and other organisations, the statement said.

Foreign Minister Janos Martonyi told commercial InfoRadio that Hungary should be prepared for any development in Ukraine, including the worst-case scenario. Martonyi said that Ukraine was struggling with “the worst crisis in its modern history”, and the question has been raised about whether this could lead to destabilisation or disintegration of the country. Prime ministers of the Visegrad Four countries met in Budapest on Wednesday and have started a diplomatic campaign in many countries to prevent such developments, Martonyi said. The foreign minister also said, however, that he was “more optimistic” than before, because the Ukrainian parliament had dropped some “incredibly mistaken” laws that had fuelled the protests.

Martonyi said he thought that both sides in Ukraine were beginning to realise that violence must be given up. A political agreement is needed to preserve Ukraine’s integration, which is also in the interest of both Europe and Russia, he said. “A crisis in the middle of Europe would be good for nobody” and would constitute a serious, destabilising factor for the whole continent, Martonyi added.

Orban announced late on Wednesday that he had instructed the interior minister to set up an operative body and get prepared “should the course of events take an unfavourable turn” in Ukraine.

Photo: MTI

Source: http://hungarymatters.hu/

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