The European economy will not be competitive without pursuing the policy of further integration and free trade, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated at the European Union’s Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius. Talking to Hungarian journalists, he said that new forms and frameworks of cooperation were needed amidst the challenges experienced by the European economies.

Therefore, taking part in the Eastern Partnership for countries outside the EU is in the interest of both parties, he added. Prime Ministers of the Eastern Partnership countries are wrapping up a two-day summit on Friday after the EU signed an accession and free trade agreement with Georgia and Moldova.

Without further integrating non-EU countries, the European economy will not be competitive, Prime Minister Orbán pointed out, despite disapproval coming from Western Europe. This is the reason why it is a historic moment that Georgia and Moldavia are stepping onto the path to accession in Vilnius.

Commenting on the situation between the EU and Ukraine, he stated that Ukraine is a European country, but needs more time, patience and mutual adaptation to cooperate with the Union. It is not a closed story, we still need to work on it, he added.

Prime Minister’s Office

Photo: Prime Minister’s Office/MTI – Barna Burger


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