The Hagymatikum Thermal Bath of Makó was awarded with the second prize in its category by the International Real Estate Federation. The international competition has been held since 1992. This year three Hungarian buildings were awarded: The Royal Palace of Gödöllő, the Hagymatikum Thermal Bath of Makó and the Green House Business Centre of Budapest – reported.

The Hagymatikum Thermal Bath in Makó won the second prize in the resort category of the Prix d’ Excellent Award of the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI). Moreover, in this competition the Royal Palace of Gödöllő and the Green House Business Centre of Budapest also won in the categories of historic buildings and offices. The international prize giving ceremony was held in Luxembourg last week but the Hungarian awards were given to the three winners in Gödöllő on Friday.


According to, FIABCI has been operating in 60 countries worldwide since 1992 and its aim is to draw attention to those real estate developments which have already been completed and operating at least for one year. The Thermal Bath of Makó was also awarded in a Hungarian competition last year. Thus, it had the chance to participate in this prestigious international competition.

This year 15 countries participated in the Prix d’Excellence Award competition and the 67 member of the professional jury gave their scores on the basis of different aspects in which the environmental protection, the social usefulness and architectural design were also important while choosing the category winners.

Interestingly, Hungary has been participating in the competition of the FIABCI since 1998 and so far Hungarian real estate investments have won 14 times in their categories and 16 times the second prize.

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