Budapest, July 6 (MTI) – Budapest’s investigative prosecutor has rejected a charge of perjury raised by Antal Rogán, the cabinet chief, against Tamás Portik.

Portik, a one-time businessman and who was recently sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for murder, acting as a witness in a recent court case, said he had handed over the equivalent of 10 million forints in euros to Rogán via a mutual acquaintance.

Rogan maintains he never met Portik, whom he dismissed as a notorious criminal. Portik was called to testify in a case between Rogan and opposition Egyutt deputy leader Péter Juhász, at the latter politician’s request. Juhász accuses Rogán, former mayor of Budapest’s fifth district, of enabling corrupt property deals in the capital.

The daily Népszabadság on Wednesday reported that Budapest chief investigative prosecutor’s office had reclassified the charge of perjury to that of false accusation, before rejecting the charge.

“Given that in the main proceedings the acting authority did not raise the charge of the crime of false accusation, criminal proceedings [against Portik] cannot be started at the current time,” the office told the paper.

Photo: MTI

Source: MTI

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