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Psychometrics is a field of study concerned with the theory and technique of psychological measurement. It sure is not easy to measure something running in your head or to predict what a person is thinking. Neither can we forecast what a person can think or do. However, the study of psychology helps us to discover a pattern which can aid us to assume the above situations with some accuracy. 

Psychometric assessments are one such method that helps us study the subject and come to close conclusions.

Psychometric tests are designed to measure candidates’ suitability for a role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude (or cognitive abilities). They identify the extent to which candidates’ personality and cognitive abilities match those required to perform the role. Psychometric test widely used to find qualified candidates for jobs and even certain courses etc. There are psychometric test that help you become eligible to study your Master’s program, etc. For example the GRE and GMAT exams are also psychometric test grades a candidate based on their abilities. This allows colleges around the world to decide to choose you. Better colleges choose candidates with higher grades in the psychometric test. Employers also believe that psychometric test is a better method of choosing candidates for a particular job over interview etc. While some candidates are very impressive in interviews Inter College marks they are not capable of problem solving at the level that they are expected to for a particular post. Psychometric test enables employers to see your mental capability in order to employee you for a particular post.

What happens in a Psychometric test?

As these tests help us understand the ability of an individual (Subject), they are usually designed by companies, and are used by recruiters to evaluate the potential employee based on certain parameters.

These tests/ assessments can vary from place to place and also depending on the purpose for the assessment to be conducted. Most psychometric tests have numerical verbal and abstract sections. While some companies choose one of these and concentrate in them most companies prefer using a combination of these categories. The degree of difficulty of these exams also changes from one company to the other and one position to the other.

Can you fail a Psychometric assessment?

You cannot Pass or Fail a psychometric assessment. They are structured to understand the way you think, analyse and react to the given situations.

They test how well you can interpret the data provided and solve the given questions.

Hence, these assessments are not alarming and you don’t need to stress yourself over to pass! Based on the marks that you obtain in the psychometric test you will be evaluated for a particular position or course etc. By getting higher grades you have better chances of bagging a particular job or even getting into one of the Ivy League colleges in the world.

How do I prepare for a psychometric assessment?

However, being said that you do not need to worry about preparing for this assessment; it is helpful to know how to get the best or desired results. As mentioned earlier, these assessments test your calibre, so if you want to improve the results, you need to work on your abilities.

Here are a few suggestions to produce better results or a psychometric test:

  1. Stick to question practice. 

By practicing question papers can really help you up your grades. Practicing question papers using a timer can help you determine how fast you are. This way you can keep a track of yourself and improve your speed when you attempt these questions. This can also help you determine the areas that you are weak at.

  1. Get used to working under timed conditions. 

By practicing with the timer you will be able to determine how much time you take for each question. This ensures that you do not waste time during your exam trying to solve one question answer of moving onto the next.

  1. Focus on your weakest areas. 

Make sure you get extra practice in your weaker areas. This enables you to improve your weak areas making you a very strong candidate.

  1. Create a revision timetable.   

One of the most fool proof ways to get the most out of your study is to make a timetable beforehand. Rickshaw you make a reasonable time table that enables you to study all the sections appropriately. Make sure you spend more time on your weaker areas and also schedule in time for practice tests etc. Make sure you take a break a few times a day and stick to your time table.

  1. Read all instructions carefully. 

Make sure you read the instructions properly before you go for your exam. Make sure you take everything that is required by you for the exams. Read the instructions of each section so you know exactly how to answer them without being eliminated.

  1. Do your homework. 

Make sure you practice everything is study at home. Also complete the days portions within that very day.

Examples of psychometric assessments

Some of the most popular psychometric tests used by employers include numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and abstract reasoning assessments.

The best way to study for your numerical reasoning section is to practice problems regularly.

By practicing different variety of problems and memorizing the formulas is one of the most effective ways to get good grades in this section. The best way to study for abstract reasoning is to practice similar question papers regularly. There are psychometric guides accompanied which can really help you get better grades and up your chances of begging the job of your dreams. Make sure you learn new words and keep your grammar perfect in order to do your best in the verbal reasoning section. Always read a question twice to determine what exactly the question is asking. This helps as it avoids any twist or traps in the questions that are used by examiners.

Other popular pre-employment assessments include those for situational judgement and personality tests.


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