(MTI) – The Budapest Pride festival, now underway, is a “provocation against the majority”, the spokesman of the radical nationalist Jobbik party told a press conference on Wednesday.

Adam Mirkoczki spoke in front of the Toldi cinema, one of the venues of the events organised by the lesbian, bisexual, gay, trans-gender and queer community, and insisted that it was “shameful” that public facilities could be used for such “perverted” functions.

Mirkoczki said that the traditional Pride March, the closing event of the festival, costs taxpayers “many tens of millions of forints” each year and it “brings traffic to a standstill” in Budapest.

Jobbik finds it “appalling” that the embassies of 20 countries have voiced support for the festival, and “some of them even spend money on this deviance,” Mirkoczki said. He added that homosexuals are not harassed in Hungary and had his party had the power, it would ban such events.

Jobbik is not planning a counter-demonstration to the gay march scheduled for Saturday, the spokesman said.

Photo: ultrasliberi.hu

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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