Hungary is full of natural wonders from caves to mountains, plains to riversides, lakes, forests and many other amazing places you should visit at least once if you spend your time in the country. Among many beautiful natural wonders, there is one which is the most adventurous and exciting; the only place in Hungary that is only for hikers who do not fear.

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The Rám Gorge is located between Dömös and Dobogókő in Visegrádi Mountains. A 7-km-long trail connects the two possible entry points with around 1 km in the gorge itself. It is one of the most popular hiking destinations of Hungary, where hiking is combined with adventure: to complete the route you need to climb up and down on leathers, ropes, stairs while balancing on rocks and narrow trails in the area. The gorge has a volcanic origin which means that this fantastic natural area was once the “home” of an active volcano.

The depth of the gorge reaches 35 meters at some point and contains water all the time. 

Rám Gorge, nature, Hungary
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The gorge has been open in front of hikers since 2013 when the leadership of Pilis Forest introduced the most exciting and adventurous hiking trail of Hungary. The route of the gorge aims to show one of the unique natural wonders of the country and to offer an exciting, fresh and extraordinary experience for everyone who decides to visit the Rám Gorge.

trail, Rám Gorge, Hungary
Rám Gorge, Hungary, nature, hiking

Due to its narrow trails, slopes, leathers, stairs and other features, it is also the most dangerous hiking trails of Hungary. 

The Rám Gorge is one of the few places in Hungary where you cannot take a hike at any time. Checking the weather report is essential as, during rainy days and heavy wind, the natural area cannot be visited due to the high risk of danger. 

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According to the website of Pilis Forest, the Rám Gorge can be visited during the coronavirus epidemic as well. 

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Hungary is blessed with nature’s best bounties like forests, valleys, caves, rare wildlife and scenic landscapes. The landlocked country has nine places declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. Whether you are a native or a tourist, you must explore the following hiking trails at least once, for an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.


Source: Daily News Hungary

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