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Not only are real estate prices high in Budapest, but shared flats also cost a fortune. Some owners advertise only one bed for 65,000 HUF (EUR 210) in a room for 6.

Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reported that many real estate owners increase the price of a flat for rent in proportion with the number of those who would like to rent it. For example, one of the author’s acquaintances found a flat for 150,000 HUF (EUR 475). But when it came to light that instead of 2 people, there would be 4 tenants who would like to share the financial burden, the rental price increased to 300,000 HUF (EUR 950) plus overhead costs.

Therefore, sometimes

it is worth not sharing a bigger flat

with more people but renting a very small one alone.

Zsolt said that he was advised to join some people and try to find a bigger flat because small flats are more expensive per capita than bigger ones. However, even though he was trying hard to find such a flat for years, he was not successful, so he decided to rent a small flat in the 4th district which, of course, is much more comfortable for him. 

A young couple added that they were about to give up finding suitable accommodation when they could rent

a small flat for 90,000 HUF (EUR 300) plus overhead costs. 

Hajni and her friend agreed with an older woman to rent a room in her flat from September because they thought that this is how they can save money. They arranged with the lady that they would pay 55 thousand HUF (EUR 175) each month, including overhead costs. In July, they even paid the deposit, but when they wanted to move in two months later, it became apparent that they would have to share their room with two additional girls. 

When asked, the old lady said that the two girls did not have accommodation and that is why she offered them the room. However, the rental price per capita did not change, so Hajni and her friend started to search for a new place, and 3 months later, they were able to move. 

Among the advertisements, for example, an owner offers a 3-bedroom flat with 2 beds in each for 65,000 HUF (EUR 210) per bed. In another flat, one has to pay 70 thousand HUF (EUR 225) plus overhead costs for one room, while in a third flat, a room costs 90 thousand HUF (EUR 300) plus overhead costs.

According to a real estate expert, this is because today, the

demand is much higher than the supply.

And this is why fewer people can afford to own a flat, and thus, they have to stay home in the “hotel mother.”

He suggests that everybody visit the flat they think about renting and not pay anything without a proper contract. Furthermore, each natural person can request a non-authentic copy of the real estate’s property sheet twice a year for free.














Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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