Yestarday Ferencvaros officially announced that the dutch coach of Ferencvaros, Ricardo Moniz’s contract has been terminated. It was a breaking news in the Hungarian football scene, suprised a lot of football and Fradi fans. Though we can’t say that there was no reason for this. I try to give you some info what’s happened with Fradi in the last two months, why this decisoion could have been made, and what’s next, FTC News website reports.

Summary: Ricardo Moniz joined to Ferencvaros more than one year before, as a former head-coach of Red-Bull Salzburg. Our former coach Lajos Detari has been fired because of the really poor performance, Fradi was at the bottom side of the table. With Moniz, we played better, got more points, was going up. We were happy that he is with us, he is a really passionate guy. In winter on some training cup we played really good, we had some new players, defeated Steaua and Basel. But the spring was not the best with the Hungarian League Nb1, however was far more better than the last season, but we could not reach a EL qualifier position, we finished in the 5th place.

FTC News said, over the summer Ricardo brought some more player, Tujp, the Dutch League 2 top scorer, Mateos from Real Madrid B, we still had Besic. We really hoped we can win the championships now! The start was good. In 8 matches we had 6 win, but lost 2. That meant 2nd place on the table. We not played really good, some missed the passion, the pressure from the team we have seen on the first Moniz matches, but points were in the bag.

According to FTC NEWS, then some terrible happened. We won the Derby against Ujpest at Home, we were really happy with a bright future of the team. But after two day news were coming, one of our new signing, Akeem Adams, international player for Trinidad and Tobago had a really serious heart-attack, and he is in hospital between death and life. Supporters, players, everbody was shocked. For weeks it was questionable if Akeem could survive this, the blood was circulating with machines. After 2-3 weeks it was announced that his leg got amputated, told that was needed to have a better chance for survive. It was shocking again, a football player lost his leg. He is still alive, but in a bit better condition, the last news is that he will get a new heart in 1-2 weeks. Doctors said that Akeem’ father died in early 40 years old, because of the same heart problem. but this was quite hidden, untold to doctors, and some general health control was not enough to highlight his heart weakness. So he played professional football, he should not do that.

After and while of this horrific events we played 8 more games in the League. Won only 1, 3 draw, and lost 4. Hard to explain that in not my mother language, we understand that the team was shocked, but after while it could not be a full explanaition for playing really bad. Moniz talked many times about Akeem and its effect on the team. after some time it could not be the only reason for the bad perfomance.  Some rumours came also, had too much training? Some drugs? The players in fear that could have happen with them also? Anyway, we played in very bad mood, and it seemed Moniz could not get over anyhow on the Akeem story. May he could not show strength toward the team, the guy who had suffered inside of this story most was him, Moniz the coach. On his last match, we lost against Pecs at Home, 1-2, and on the press conference after this disappointing lose again he started to talk about Akeem – two months passed still -, and blamed for the doctors with some not really specified issue, but saying that his leg could be saved. For sure there could be some true Moniz said, some doctors could gave him a bad impressions, but clearly not their fault what happened with Adams, and we guess the doctors know better in this case, and Hungarian doctors are good. ( do you remember Massa incident in Hungaroring several years ago? It was in Hungarian hospital he has been saved.)

Anyway, there was some another reason for the bad performance, not just the story with Akeem. Some say that the new players are in with much more higher salary than those are in Fradi for a longer time, factions and cliques and bad morale in the team. Clearly showed that some guys Moniz signed as Valport, Tujp and others are not enough good, even bad players.

FTC News said, next day we lost the game against Pecs at home announced that Moniz is not the head-coach anymore. That happened in “shortly”. Now the 2nd coach Csaba Mate is the head-coach for two matches.  We have a Cup match against on Wednesday away with Ujpest… this will be the second match, we played 0-0 at home. And as we are still want to get EL qualifiers place we shall focus on the Cup. After this we go away again in the League to Videoton, the second on the board. Then there is a long break in the League til spring.

So hard times come. The Club Presidente stated that we are looking for a foreign trainer again, definitely not Hungarian. We are not happy with any Hungarian coach, they have no result, the last we have been on World Cup is 1986… So we need a good, a bit famous foreign trainer. Some said it will be Lothar Mattheus, who was a coach for Hungarian International for two years. But the President disrepute this, and I don’t believe this neither. Mattheus has not the best reputation here, though if we cannot find better maybe hew could be ok, but I think and hope we will have better coach.

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