Budapest, June 17 (MTI) – The parliamentary group of ruling Fidesz has asked the Hungarian government to consider similar measures to stop immigration as those planned by western European countries, the group leader said on Wednesday.

If these western countries were to seal their borders, Hungary must also close its southern borders, or else the country will face 100,000 migrants stuck here by the end of the year, Antal Rogan told public television.

By the end of June, the number of illegal immigrants will have exceeded 60,000, he said.

Germany and Austria have already indicated that they are preparing to return about 15,000 immigrants to Hungary, Rogan told news channel M1, adding that at the same time there has been a constant influx of illegal immigrants at the country’s southern borders.

A complete physical border closure would be considered as a last resort, he said, adding that it would be ideal if a fence was also erected at the Greek-Turkish border, similarly to the one in place at the Bulgarian-Turkish border.

“But if it is not done there, we will have to do it,” Rogan said.

A general debate is scheduled in parliament for Wednesday about an amendment proposal to the law on migration on “safe” third countries submitted by Fidesz lawmakers Antal Rogan, Lajos Kosa and Szilard Nemeth.

Photo: MTI



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