Bucharest, September 16 (MTI) – The Romanian foreign ministry on Wednesday summoned the Hungarian ambassador to discuss Romania’s stance on a number of issues relating to the migrant crisis, including Hungary’s plan to extend its border fence with Serbia along the border with Romania.

A statement issued by the Romanian ministry said officials also wished to discuss with Ambassador Botond Zakonyi Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto’s “unacceptable” remarks on Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

Szijjarto said earlier that Zakonyi had intended to present the ministry with a diplomatic note of protest over Ponta’s “anti-Hungarian outbursts”, which the ministry did not accept.

The statement said state secretary George Ciamba reiterated Romania’s concerns over Hungary’s attempt “to lure Romania into an artificial dispute”. Romania said it does not want the dispute between the two sides to escalate.

On the topic of Hungary’s plan to extend its border fence, the ministry said it “would have appreciated” if the two countries had first initiated to carry out a joint impact assessment on the proposed move in an effort to find a joint solution.

Szijjarto said on Tuesday that the border fence needed to be extended because people smugglers working along the border with Serbia are changing their route due to the fence there, and migrant pressure is likely to move in the direction of Romania.

Photo: MTI

Source: http://mtva.hu/hu/hungary-matters

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