Bogdan Diaconu, an MP of the Social Democratic Party currently in government in Romania, filed a criminal complaint with the chief prosecutor’s office against the organizers of the Great Székely March.

In an effort “to contain the unprecedented intensification of Hungarian extremism”, the politician known for his anti-Hungarian stance filed a complaint against the organizers of the demonstration, suspecting them of violation of the constitution, incitement to discrimination and public veneration of criminal acts.

Diaconu filed the complaint against the Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania (RMDSZ) and the Székely National Council, because he suspects the above bodies to have organized the demonstration to enable the participants to “act against the unity of the the Romanian state in as official a framework as possible”.

The MP added that the proclamation approved by the Great Székely March “invented” a non-existent, ethnically organized form of public administration, the “so-called Székelyland”, and threatens with civil disobedience, if regional autonomy is not granted to them.

Diaconu says that the organizers of the demonstration incite Romania’s Hungarian population to deny the unity of the country as a one-nation state. During the march on Sunday, the MP already called upon the parties of the Romanian Parliament to forbid by law any demonstrations similar to the Székely march; Diaconu considers such demonstrations to be unconstitutional.

Organizers estimate the number of participants to be 120 000, while the authorities claim there were 15 000 people attending the march, the participants of which declared that they wanted to exercise their right for self-government and, based on this right, they demand autonomy for Szeklerland within Romania.



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