According to BBJ, Russia’s biggest food retailer, Magnit will open a cargo center in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg, Hungary. The Hungarian office will become a member of 23 operating logistic centers, whose goal is to transport food from the partner countries in the European Union to Magnit’s shops in Russia. 

The Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) revealed that they would provide all necessary support to Magnit; the government officials see a potential partnership with the biggest grocery chain in Russia to become extremely beneficial for Hungary. Magnit performs efficient delivery of its good with a help of 5500 camion trucks. Approximately 1000 trucks will enable the Hungarian office to work at the best of its abilities – Magnit will also be purchasing goods of the local produce worth milliards of Forints. In 2013, 10% of 200 trucks with fresh, organic vegetables belonged to Hungary. According to numerous press releases Russia’s number one grocery chain will create 2500 new workplaces in Hungary.

Magnit is known for the high professionalism and great business ethics. 8571 stores, and 23 logistic centers apply advanced IT technologies and practice employee friendly policies; on every stage of operations (from the delivery of goods to the layouts of hypermarkets) Magnit pays attention to the tiniest nuances. For many years this food retailer remains investors favourite.

Sergei Galitsky, the founder and chief executive of Magnit, foresees great potential of the partnership between his company and Hungary. Szilárd Kiss, commercial attaché to Moscow, recently said in one of his interviews: “I thought Magnit should import part of the foodstuffs directly from Hungary; by doing so it would get fresher and better-quality goods, and the produce would also be cheaper as in-between wholesalers would be removed from the chain. High-quality Hungarian produce would then be present on Magnit’s shelves in a competitively priced way,”

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