The list of medicines in short supply is becoming longer.

You’ve probably seen the ads for erectile dysfunction and viagra on your social media timelines, you’ve seen the claims, the discounts, and the so-called one-time offers, but the question is, can you trust them?

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Online Pharmacies are springing up left, right and center and while some of them are legit, how do you know who to trust and whether to buy your drugs online or not. In this post, we discuss the pros and cons and how to go about buying Sildenafil online, safely and securely.

Sildenafil can be used to treat blood flow and regulation problems in particular areas of your body. Most commonly, it is used to aid and improve sexual performance and most men over 50 report great results with it. Of course with any drug, there are side effects and possible potential scenarios that you should discuss and prepare for with your doctor.

Is it safe to buy online?

Like with any other online purchasing, you can simply go about buying blindly from sites and platforms you don’t completely trust. Always go for trusted names, especially when it comes to pharmaceuticals and medications or supplements.

How to check the credibility of an online clinic?

One way you can always be sure that you are buying from a legit online pharmacy is to check for accreditations and verification badges. Check if they are really verified, don’t just trust the banner ads.

Since the FDA also requires you to have a prescription for generic viagra as well as Sildenafil, your doctor can recommend legit online sources too.

To buy Sildenafil online safely, only trust secure and known sources and clinics and try to not fall for the discounted mass offers on your timeline. The FDA found that almost one-third of online companies selling any form (herbal or allopathic) medicine to treat erectile dysfunction were either counterfeit or contained different formulas than advertised. Now you wouldn’t want fake meds to treat your most intimate problems, would you?

Beware of unreliable sources

What’s worse is, if you buy from unreliable sources, you don’t get the support that comes with it. From legit sources, you can get much more than the meds and in case of any severe side effects, you have much more of a chance to easily explain them to your doctor.

What happens when you self-medicate

Unknowingly, you run the chance of mixing it with other medicines which can cause some serious damage, so self-medication is a big no-no! This is especially true if you are taking pills for any preexisting heart conditions or blood flow etc. Some people have also reported vision loss due to the lowering of blood flow towards the optic nerve.

In short, stay from online ‘herbal remedies’ which probably already contain the prescription drug anyway, and trust only on reliable sources. Discuss your case with the doctor who will be able to better evaluate and take into consideration your specific scenario before advising you on the medication and its appropriate dosage.

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