According to the, there are at least six reasons to visit the Tropicarium. They are the following:

Party in your pajamas with the sharks!

A brand new program will start in June. The Da Vinci pajamas party is organized for friends or classmates (especially for the older ones). The event promises films, adventure tours, games and party near the shark aquarium; all of this at night, in the closed Tropicarium.  This is a sleep in kind of an event, so everyone advised to bring along their pajamas.

Enter with a date ticket

You would never think of a date which involves surrounding with fish, right? The special ‘date ticket’ can only be used by couples. With this type of ticket they will get a discount and they could spend a couple of hours in a special way. In the quiet Tropicarium, they could walk around, hand in hand, while romantic music is playing.

You can adopt a shark or a ray

Visitors can adopt any animal they want to from the zoo: therefore, they even could be shark owners. Although, the animals cannot be brought home, but the owners get a certificate and they will be invited to the annually held Open Day for the Adopters; in addition to this, they can ask the caretaker of their adoptive condition.

Visitors can see the feeding of the sharks or the snakes

A dangerous animal’s feeding is always a big attraction. In the Tropicarium, visitors can look behind the curtains and see the feeding of the sharks and the snakes. They can also find out what and how they are being fed. Besides the sharks and snakes, the feeding of the caimans, the lizards, the rays, the alligators, the piranhas, the monkeys and the birds are also can be seen by the public.

The sharks feeding at the big aquarium

Standing a 13 meters long corridor, visitors can watch the swimming sharks and rays in a 1.4 million liters big aquarium. In the aquarium, batfish, perches and other fish can be seen too. Once a week, the feeding of the sharks can be seen. Two divers feed the sharks from hand with one bucket of fish each, which is ca. 15 kg fish altogether.

Diving in with the sharks

The ones who have enough courage- and also diving in skills – can have a really interesting experience in the Tropicarium: sometimes, divers can visit the sharks. Of course, they can’t go in by themselves; an instructor is there to guarantee visitors’ safety.

Ray petting

The scary looking rays can behave as adorable creatures. It is incredible when they put their ‘nose’ out from the water, indicating, that they want to be pet. Although, visitors have to be careful because the pickles near their tales can be harmful. However, they do not seem to attack people, if they are tired, they go to the bottom of the aquarium to rest a little bit. The adventurous children can go to the glass corridor, which is under the aquarium, to look around.

Things to see:
Hungarian fauna: grey catfish, pike, and national endangered species
Tropical animals: endangered monkeys, snakes, grass snakes, birds and turtles
Tropical jungle: bamboo, ficus, alligator, and tropical storms in every 15 minutes
Fish from fresh water and half-salted water: piranha, ray, sailfish, puffer fish, discus fish
Fish from salted water and corals: soft and hard corals, fish, clownfish, fire fish, synanceia

based on the article
translated by Andrea Tóth



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