Next year, six Saturdays will be workdays according to the decree of 2018 about national holidays which was published in Magyar Közlöny on Friday. However, there will be nine long weekends due to workday replacements, according to ProfitOnline.

According to the decree, next year’s working schedule will change, because people must work on 10th March, 21st April, 13rd October, 10th November, 1st December and 15th December, which are all Saturdays.

On the other hand, 16th March, which is the Friday following the national holiday, will be a rest day, 30th April right before the International May Day, 22nd October before the Memorial Day of the Revolution of 1956 (a Monday), the day after All Saints Day 2nd November (a Friday), and the Mondays of 24th and 31st December will also be days off.

Moreover, 20th August also falls on a Monday, just like Easter and Pentecost Mondays (2nd April, 21st May), so employees can expect nine long weekends altogether. 1st January also falls on a Monday in 2018.

The decree affects the schedule of all employers and their employees except the nonstop workplaces and those that operate on holidays as well.

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