Budapest, August 11 (MTI) – Socialist MEP Istvan Ujhelyi will meet Hungarians working abroad in several big European cities in the upcoming months in order to understand their needs and convey them to lawmakers.

Ujhelyi held his first Q&A on the subject of migration at the Sziget festival in Budapest on Tuesday.

The government has abandoned Hungarians working abroad partly because of its insensitivity to social problems and partly because the 600,000 young people who have left the country did not vote in the general election, he said.

Based on fresh statistics Hungary has become a “country of emigrants,” Ujhelyi insisted. He said it was also “food for thought” that half of the 19-30 age group and a third of the 30-40 age group were considering getting jobs abroad.

Ujhelyi said he would hold his meetings with Hungarians in London, Berlin, Vienna, Rome and Malta.



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