Twenty thousand tablets will be handed out among children attending 5th grade, the lucky ones will take part in a digital experimental program, says The government tests the replacement of the traditional course books by this program – Government Commissioner Judit Czunyiné Bertalan told Magyar Idők.

According to Government Commissioner for Digital Content Development Judit Czunyiné Bertalan, technological development is needed so that the introduction of the online matura can happen later.

The first stage of the 140 million EUR development contains the purchase of the digital devices for both the teachers and the class rooms, and the digital education of teachers. Forty thousand teachers will be further educated in this field in the following 3-4 years according to plan.

In addition, a digital experimental program is launched, which provides 20 thousand tablets for children attending 5th grade. Public procurement has already been announced for this purpose. The program learns how traditional course books can be replaced by digital devices.

The government commissioner said that the new generation of course books are now digitally available. On the one hand they are available in paged, static form, and on the other, their transformation into interactive course books has already begun.

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