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It is beautiful when a place is left alone for so long that nature starts to reclaim the territory. Here are some abandoned locations in Hungary worth visiting, which are starting to slowly be taken over by their surroundings.

Old train tracks

A part of the tracks are still functional in Kemence, but it is only a fraction of what it used to be. Parts of the track were starting to get ruined in the beginning of the 90s. It had not been maintained well for a while, when a huge storm came in 1993, and total destruction of the tracks was feared, according to Sokszínű Vidék. The case, however worsened, when in 1995, a storm caused the Csarna-spring to overflow, and the water totally rearranged the tracks, many bridges that upheld the them were washed out from under them.

kemence train tracks bridge
One of the bridges, washed away by the storm. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

In the past 25 years, some of the damage has been renovated, but most of it was left for nature to do with it what it wanted. 20 years ago a museum about the tracks and trains’ history was founded in Kemence, and they celebrated their 20th birthday in July.

A video of the still functioning portion of the tracks shows a glimpse of the other parts which have been reclaimed by nature.

Another video shows another train track, not completely forgotten and overgrown between Verőce and Kismaros.


Old press house

The press house is assumed to be around a hundred years old. The building is still in relatively good condition, which is most likely because it is in a remote location, but the paint is of course chipping off the walls, the windows are broken and some of the furniture had been stolen.

The house and its steps and walls are starting to be overgrown by plants, but nature has a long way to go before overgrowing the pressing machines still in place inside the building.

Here is a full video tour of the abandoned press house.


Abandoned summer camp

This children’s summer camp was built between the two world wars, and children of the postal office employees were sent there for decades, even after WWII. It was so popular it even needed to be extended around the 70s, but after the end of communism in Hungary, the camp started getting empty and eventually closed at the beginning of the 2000s, according to locals. Since then, the buildings have been starting to decay, overgrown by the plants around them, and most likely raided.

Here is full tour of the summer camp, take a virtual walk inside.

empty budapest
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Source: Daily News Hungary, sokszinuvidek.24.hu

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