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SURVEY – Most Hungarians would handle migration at national level

SURVEY – Most Hungarians would handle migration at national level

Budapest (MTI) – Seventy-five percent of Hungarians think that migration should be tackled by member states rather than at European Union level, according to a recent survey conducted by think-tank Szazadveg.

Fully 83 percent of respondents said they had heard about the system proposed by the EU which would allocate a quota for the number of asylum-seekers to be received by each member state, the survey presented on public news channel M1 on Wednesday showed.

Sixty-three percent of them, however, disagreed with the planned quota system, 10 percent was uncertain, whereas 27 percent supported it, the survey said.

Szazadveg conducted the survey by asking 1,000 adults over the phone.

On Wednesday, the European Commission published a proposal on the relocation and resettlement under its Migration Agenda released two weeks ago.

Under an emergency relocation scheme planned to assist Italy and Greece, Hungary would be required to take 496 migrants from Italy and 331 from Greece.

Under a scheme designed for the resettlement of migrants from outside the EU in a member state, Hungary would be required to accept 307 people over the next 2 years.


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