After Romanian officials banned the planned Marosvásárhely rally the Hungarian National Council of Transylvania, the Hungarian People’s Party of Transylvania and the Hungarian Civic Party (MPP) (Erdélyi Magyar Nemzeti Tanács, the Erdélyi Magyar Néppárt and the Magyar Polgári Párt) rescheduled the demonstration to be held in different locations. The goal is to protest against the restrictions of the Székely people’s rights by Romanian officials that trying to prevent Székelys to celebrate their national holiday.

“Let’s make it clear, they can’t silence us; let’s demonstrate in a peaceful and law-abiding way letting officials know how we imagine the future of Székely Land!” write organizers of the rally.

Organizers urge Székely residents of Marosvásárhely to light candles and show their respect for the holiday by laying flowers at the Székely Martyrs Memorial.

Organizers call on teachers and educational institutions to remember the three martyrs of the Székely people on March 10 in classes; they urge businesses to give time off to employees to be able to attend the rally.

Demonstrators are planning to accept a petition addressed to the Romanian government. The document will draw attention to the violation of the Székely people’s basic human rights in Romania and express their opposition to the plans to redraw the administrative districts’ borders of the Székely counties.

The event called Székely Freedom Day commemorates to the 1852 anti-Habsburg revolt that led to the execution of the leaders of the plot – Török János, Gálfi Mihály and Horváth Károly – on March 10, 1854.

Demonstration will be held in London as well.


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