Beijing, November 18 (MTI) – Peter Szijjarto, Hungary’s foreign minister, had talks in Beijing on Wednesday with Wang Xiaotao, deputy head of China’s development and reform commission, focusing on refurbishment of the Budapest-Belgrade railway line.

After the talks, Szijjarto told MTI that the draft for a relevant agreement could be finalised on Thursday, to be signed by the prime ministers of Hungary, China and Serbia next week.

Parties at the talks had agreed on “all major components”, Szijjarto said.

The foreign minister said that the railway project was crucial for freight transport rather than for passenger traffic, and that it was symbolic of China’s focus on Central Europe.

“It is Hungary’s interest that on the route of China’s goods to Europe Hungary should have a prominent position.” He called it important that the link connecting Greece’s ports with Western Europe should pass through Serbia and Hungary. It is “obvious” that the Budapest-Belgrade railway line should be upgraded to serve that purpose, he added.

Photo: MTI


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