PM Orbán’s political director says the parties that won this European Parliament election have actually lost

Political director Balázs Orbán has a very strange theory about how people don't really support the EU parties that get the most votes...

Nézőpont: Orbán to have 2nd strongest mandate at EU summit

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán will have the second strongest national mandate among European Union leaders at Monday's informal summit.

Votes cast at Hungary’s foreign missions counted

The newly established Respect and Freedom (Tisza) party garnered more than half of the votes. #TiszaParty #PéterMagyar #Fidesz #vote #election

Election recap: Péter Magyar’s party wins big, Karácsony remains but may have problems in the Assembly

What do you think the future holds for Hungarian politics after the election results?

PM Orbán: ‘Hungarian democracy is alive and well – Update

"The European parliamentary elections were won by the pro-peace side" - PM Orbán

Pro-government analysts assess the EP elections

"Sunday's elections had proven that Hungary is a right-wing country"

Calculation: based on the results of the EP elections, the Hungarian parliamentary seats would look like this

If the Hungarian parliamentary elections were held now - calculation

Fidesz will have fewer MEPs in the EP, but Orbán sees the EP election as a victory

It seems that the communication threatening war and world war did not bring the right result for Orbán, fewer Fidesz MEPs got into the EP than in 2019:

Péter Magyar: Tisza to prove itself as Hungarian government’s only real challenger

Magyar said his party welcomed the high turnout because it considered elections to be "a celebration of democracy". #PéterMagyar #TiszaParty #elections

Hungarian opposition parties hold campaign closing events

Have you visited any campaign closing event? #campaign #opposition

Breaking: Fidesz-backed Szentkirályi withdraws candidacy for Budapest mayor

Now, a close fight is expected to be decided between Gergely Karácsony and Dávid Vitézy. #Szenkirályi #Fidesz #Karácsony #Vitézy #Budapest

Fidesz (anti-)war campaign endangers children severely, experts warn

Have you seen the anti-war campaign ads the experts are worried about?

Hungarian state TV has first election debate in 18 years

Who do you think won the televised debate ahead of the EP elections?

EP elections 2024: pollsters expect 5 Hungarian parties to clinch EP mandates

Only 5 Hungarian parties will get into the EP:

Fidesz mayoral candidate Szentkirályi: I prepare for a job that calls for rolling up my sleeves

"I am a politician focused on discipline," Szentkirályi said, adding that "we have a clear vision of what kind of a city we would like to see as the nation's capital." #Szentkirályi #Budapest #Fidesz #elections

Orbán’s party: Joe Biden and his man in Budapest want to squeeze Hungary into the war

"They (Joe Biden and his man in Budapest) would take Hungarian soldiers to Ukraine to die"

PM Orbán: Patriotic fighters needed in Europe

Are you a patriotic fighter? #patriotism #vox #spain #orbán #ep2024 #election

Orbán’s Fidesz: strong conservative right wing ‘needed’ in the EU

Do you agree with Orbán's Fidesz? #fidesz #orbán #ep #elections2024

Will the Orbán cabinet’s new regulation make comment writers punishable?

Do you think hate speech should be stopped and punishing comment writers is a way to do so? #commet #socialmedia #media #orbán #government

Founder of pro-Fidesz CÖF publicly gives blueprint for propaganda against Péter Magyar

Read here how CÖF wants Fidesz communication regarding Péter Magyar and the WHO to change.