Authorities do not let a Hungarian woman travel home from Egypt

She wants to come home to Hungary to serve her prison sentence but the Egyptian authorities do not let her. In Egypt, she can move freely.

Hungary helps persecuted Christians all over the world

The foreign ministry department in charge of helping persecuted Christians and the Hungary Helps scheme have met with Hungarian Interchurch Aid leaders #Hungary #Hungarian #Hungaryhelps #dailynewshungary #Christian #Africa #MiddleEast #Ukraine

Guatemala support Morocco and decided to open a consulate in Dakhla

Guatemala decided on 22 September to open a consulate in Dakhla, while reaffirming its support for the autonomy plan under Moroccan sovereignty as the only solution to the regional dispute over Western Sahara.

Hungarian man suspected to have paid 50,000 EUR for diplomatic rank

Police have detained a Hungarian man suspected of promising to arrange honorary consular positions in Africa for money

Kenya’s new position in favor of the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative

Following the message of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to the new President of the Republic of Kenya, William Ruto, the Republic of Kenya has declared that it supports the UN framework as the exclusive mechanism for finding a lasting and lasting political solution to the Sahara conflict and supports the serious and credible autonomy plan proposed by the Kingdom of Morocco as the only solution based on the territorial integrity of Morocco to resolve the Sahara conflict.

Hungary-Africa Week: ‘Africa continent of opportunities, future’

Opening of the Hungary-Africa Week event in Budapest