Hungary to become fourth EU state to open embassy in Laos

FM Péter Szijjártó opened a Hungarian embassy in Vientiane, the capital of Laos, on Friday. #Laos #Szijjártó #embassy

FM Szijjártó: Hungary as EU president to cooperate with ASEAN

Hungary will work to "restart and speed up" the talks on free trade agreements between the EU and Indonesia, Malaysia, the Phillippines and Thailand, among other countries, he said. #Szijjártó #Asia #ASEAN #EU

Hungarian FM Szijjártó: ‘Law-abiding guest workers’ not to be mixed up with illegal migrants

Illegal migrants should not be mixed up with people that go to another country "under organised circumstances" to work, says FM Szijjártó. #guestworkers #Asia #work #FMSzijjártó

Important change concerning Budapest-Beijing flight

Have you ever travelled on an Air China flight between Beijing and Budapest? #Beijing #China #Budapest #tourism #travel #flight

Hungary donating EUR 10 m to advance peace process in Syria

"Not only is it pointless to discuss Syria's future without religious players, without the churches; it is also impossible to make peace and help the most vulnerable

Direct flight between Budapest and Bangkok: new details emerged!

Would you like to fly between Budapest and Bangkok? #Budapest #Bangkok #Thailand #flight #airport #travel #tourism

Largest Asian airline launches flights to Budapest!

The airline plans to operate modern Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft with 3 classes on board to Budapest. #Budapest #China #Asia #airport #flight #travel #tourism

Uzbekistan through Hungarian eyes: we visited Tashkent and Samarkand – Photo gallery

Uzbekistan: in this post-Soviet country, you can feel the cultural and religious differences from Hungary, but you also feel at home as the rich past intersects with the future built before you:

FM Szijjártó: Hungary plans to boost Southeast Asia ties during EU presidency

Szijjártó noted the timeliness of the first-ever visit by a Hungarian foreign minister to the sultanate of Brunei. #szijjártó #brunei #diplomacy #politics

Orbán’s political director: Chinese president’s visit confirmation of Hungary’s connectivity strategy

Do you think it's a success that Xi Jinping is visiting Hungary? #China #XiJinping #diplomacy

Tashkent International Investment Forum 2024: record number of participants, $26.6 billion worth of contracts signed

Tashkent International Investment Forum 2024 #TIIF: Uzbekistan offers exceptional opportunities for investors

Hungarian finance minister: Hungary among world’s most open economies

15 years ago, Hungary ditched its one-sided and reclusive economic policy and put Hungarian interests to the fore by opening up to the East, foreign minister Mihály Varga said. #east #economy #diplomacy

Hungarian companies are getting stronger in this Central Asian country

An increasing number of Hungarian businesses are successfully entering the market in the country. #asia #centralasia #business #diplomacy

Iran beyond Persians: relations between azerbaijani turks and kurds

Iran, a vast and diverse nation in the Middle East, is characterized by its large ethnic and linguistic minorities. Azerbaijani Turks and Kurds...

Minister Kudratov: Tashkent International Investment Forum, starting in two days, is a milestone for the region – Interview

We had the chance to interview Laziz Kudratov, Uzbekistan's Minister of Investment, Industry and Trade, about the event Tashkent International Investment Forum 2024:

Deputy Speaker of Hungarian Parliament is in Mongolia

Sándor Lezsák, the deputy speaker of parliament, attended the 2nd annual Trans-Altai Sustainability Dialogue on Thursday and Friday. #sándorlezsák #deputyspeaker #mongolia #visit

If you go to Borneo, choose Sabah – photo gallery

As a part of Malaysia, Sabah, North Borneo is a shining example of authenticity and diversity.

Direct flights between Budapest and this exotic capital from April!

The flight was already operated for a short time last year. #asia #budapest #flight #aviation #travel #tourism

Vanishing Lake Urmia: environmental decline and neglect in Iran

Iran's Lake Urmia, previously the sixth-largest saltwater lake worldwide, has drastically shrunk due to environmental neglect, posing serious ecological and social issues.

Budapest Airport can become one of Europe’s main cargo hubs: Orbán cabinet wants to buy it

Based on the CEO of PMI Logistics Solutions Ltd., buying the Budapest Airport will be a profitable investment for the Orbán government. #BudapestAirport #cargo #passenger #travel #goods #shipping